Wellcome on the website of Accurate CNC and thank you for your interest in our PCB Prototyping systems and in our company.
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We manufacture the most precise machines in the world. Absolute accuracy better than 5 μm @ 254 mm. Internal resolution of 0.1 μm.
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Made in USA with hight quality materials. One year guarantee included in the price, more is optional. Fast and efficient customer support.
Picture of Accurate Machine
Our machines have fully or semi automatic tool change and the software is easy to use, intuitive and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).
Picture of Accurate Machine
We offer various optional equipment to add comfort: vacuum table and generator, acoustic cabinet, debris collecting system and more...
Picture of Accurate Machine
Secure & Safe
Our machines' software has functionalities, allowing protection from operator's mistakes. It is digitally signed and so are its drivers.
Affordable Machine
Despite of the highest quality of our machines, their prices are low compared to competitors'. We offer 16 models to meet every budget.
PCB Prototyping Machines