Accurate CNC, Inc. is a privately owned company located in Fort Wayne, IN. Our goal is to fulfill the need for affordable, quality, American Made, PCB prototyping machinery in the United States and around the world.
Accurate CNC Inc.
Our location was carefully chosen for its recognition by Forbes in 2006 as one of the best places for business and careers in the United States and for its strategic geographical position. Located in the northeast section of Indiana, it is within 20% of the US population and provides easy communication and transport services to major US cities, Canada, and Europe.   

We specialize in the production of extremely precise, reliable and affordable desktop milling and drilling systems.
Currently, the Accurate family consists of 16 models which have been perfected to ensure 100% satisfaction of all your machining needs. Our machines are made exclusively in the USA and are comprised of high quality materials from the USA.
Our custom-made software, PhCNC, is one of the biggest advantages of the Accurate systems, it is specifically designed for PCB prototyping and precisely executes intricate operations. Despite the richness of its features, the PhCNC software is very intuitive, and user-friendly.

Last but not least, we know that the biggest asset of our company is our customers, and over the years Accurate CNC, Inc. has successfully acquired a number of loyal clients.
Among them are:
♦ US Government
♦ US department of justice, FBI
♦ US Navy
♦ Microsoft corporation
♦ IBM corporation
♦ Nokia
♦ Bosch USA
♦ Osram AG
♦ Brother International Corportation
♦ On Semiconductor
♦ Numerous Universities around the world

It is our commitment to you, that we work hard to provide you with excellent and efficient customer support. To further guarantee your satisfaction and ensure high quality of machine functionality in the years to come, we will make available to you original replacement parts for our machines should the need arise.