On this page are listed the characteristics of our machines. Information for machines' parameters and features you can find on this page.


We manufacture the most precise PCB prototyping machines. Their absolute accuracy is better than 5 μm @ 254 mm. We measure this parameter with certified Mitutoyo glass scale. We consider that all the mechanical systems for PCB prototyping of our competitors have higher absolute error and they don’t even declare this parameter at all. Instead, they present information for the resolution. The resolution of all our models is precisely 0.1 μm (0.0039 mil). If you are interested to know more on why all mechanical machines are not fully accurate and how we minimize the error, follow this link.
Other superiority of our machines in terms of accuracy is our closed loop depth controlled technology, which ensures penetration depth accuracy +/- 1 μm. You can read details about it on this page.


We are proud of being transparent towards our potential customers. On the website of the company is published all information needed for deep product knowledge: specifications, manuals, demos, videos, etc. If you cannot find something that you are interested in, contact us and we will be happy to assist.
Our machines are manufactured in USA with high quality materials. We offer one year guarantee, included in the price and more as an option. We have practically lifetime software maintenance. The customer support is fast and efficient.


Our most advanced machines are with fully automatic tool change and the most affordable models offer semi-automatic tool change (manual, prompted and facilitated by the software).
Despite of the richness of its functionalities, our software (PhCNC) is very easy to use. For example, it offers one-click switching between CAM & CNC mode; automatic detection of design rules violation & forced insulation option for the problematic areas; quick import of industry-standard gerber and excellon files in two steps and with preview; various manipulations of the imported objects or groups (Copy / Delete / Select / Deselect / Move / Rotate / Group / Ungroup) in an intuitive manner and much more. There are no unnecessary complications of the software without any added value like we find in some of our main competitors. To read more about the features of the software you can follow this link.


To add comfort to your work with our PCB prototyping systems, we offer various optional extras:
► Vacuum table for superior material hold and flexibility, factory installed;
► Vacuum generator which can supply the table with the necessary suction power;
► Acoustic cabinet for low level of noise, suitable for office environment;
► Debris collecting system for dust collection and lower noise;
► Silent air compressor to maintain the needed air pressure automatically;
► Ring setting and removing tool – to install and remove plastic depth rings on the tools.
More detailed information, pictures and prices of all offered optional equipment you can review using this link.

Secure & Safe

Our machines’ software has functionalities, allowing protection from operator’s mistakes. Some simple examples:
► In case any operation is inconsistent at given moment, the respective function is deactivated in the software;
► In case of loss of connection between the computer and the machine, the machine goes in pause mode and the machining continues upon reconnection;
► In case of attempt to take an instrument from empty toolholder or to position an instrument in a full toolholder, the software will put the machine in pause mode and will notify the user for the conflict…
The software and its drivers are digitally signed.


Despite of the highest quality of our machines, their prices are about 20-30% lower from the ones of our main competitors. We offer 16 models to meet every budget.
The most affordable model is A421. It has standard working area (12x10x1.3 inch); semi-automatic tool change; automatic tool calibration with precise linear gauge; spindle speed from 5 000 to 60 000 rpm, programmable; 3-phase induction motor, 60K/170W; high precision positioning system with calibrated screws; temperature compensation for the axes and material. You can find picture of the machine and full specification on this page.
Our most advanced model is A637. It has large working area (16x11x1.3 inch); fully automatic tool change; automatic tool calibration with precise linear gauge; spindle speed from 5 000 to 100 000 rpm, programmable; 3-phase induction motor, 100K/300W; high precision positioning system with servo feedback; temperature compensation for the axes and material; video camera/microscope included. Picture of the machine along with full specification is placed on this page.

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